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Exchange: Chinese Delegation from Yunnan Provincial Association of Science and Technology Meets with Danish Chinese Scientists

On November 16th, 2012, CASCED hosted a one-day visit from the Yunnan Provincial Association of Science and Technology, during which CASCED arranged for the delegation both a visit to the Experimentarium museum and a seminar for the delegation to meet with Danish Chinese Scientists, Engineers, and Scholars from universities, research institutes and high-tech companies at DTU

During the visit to the Experimentarium museum, a technical meeting was held between the delegation and museum's management staff with a focus on museum management. An on-site tour accompanied by the vice director of the museum was arranged after the meeting. During the evening hours, a seminar was arranged where the Yunnan delegation introduced the Yunnan Science & Technology Museum project and the development of Yunnan procince in general. read more

Feature: Chinese Scientists Geared up with Innovation and Collaboration with Motherland

Around 60 Chinese working in telecommunication, pharmaceuticals, computer network, chemical engineering, and electronics participated the seminar and listened to the presentations about wind energy state-of-the-art, finding your own value in the market, and making career business cases in China, etc. Read more ...

Seminar: State of the Art on New Energy Development and How to Face New Opportunities and Challenges on the Career Path

CASCED, together with Loong and ACSSD, invites for all to participate the first CASCED seminar in 2012 focused on new energy development and how to face the new challenges and opportunities. Read more ...

Tianjin 2012 Overseas Chinese Innovation and Collaboration Conference

To enhance collaboration between Overseas Chinese and Tianjin City, the Overseas Chinese Affairs of the State Council of China and Tianjin city government are jointly inviting all interested individuals and groups of overseas Chinese to join the "Tianjin 2012 Overseas Chinese Innovation and Collaboration Conference" to be held on July 12th and 13th in Tianjin. Read more ...

Update: Tianjin 2012 Projects for Overseas Chinese

Tianjin 2012 Forum for Overseas Chinese Talent Pool Leaders will be held betweem May 9th and 11th, during which face-to-face meetings will be arranged between local companies and individuals or groups of Overseas Chinese for project matching. See more details for projects that are laid out for matching in the following Table.

Chinese Top Talents to Copenhagen

As the result of a talent competition co-organized by Scandinavian Airlines, Innovation centre Shanghai, Copenhagen Capacity and the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation, 6 Chinese engineering students, who have won a talent competition, will pay a week-long visit in Denmark. During their visit, the group of students will stop by the Technical University Read more ...

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